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Hop Rubber Guide

Hop Rubber Guide

One of the most common questions we get asked by people looking to start upgrading their airsoft guns is regarding hop rubbers.

The hop rubber (also called hop bucking) is the thing that applies the backspin (the Magnus Effect) to your BB as it is fired, which gives greater range and consistency to all airsoft guns.

The hardness of the hop rubber will greatly affect how much backspin will be applied to the BB when travelling at a particular velocity. In general, for a standard out the box UK spec airsoft gun a softer 50-60° degree hop rubber would be the best choice. The softer the rubber bucking, the more backspin would be applied, however softer rubbers also naturally wear out quicker. Soft rubbers also don't like higher FPS builds as they apply too much backspin and are prone to tearing from the BB hitting the patch at the higher speed.

If you are building a DMR or Sniper then you are definitely going to need a harder hop rubber such as 70° degree for a DMR and 75-80° degree for high power snipers.

Bear in mind that the figures below are based on the FPS produced using standard 0.20g BBs.

FPS and recommended hop bucking rubber hardness (based on 0.20g BB)

  • 280-360 FPS - 50° degree 
  • 295-390 FPS - 60° degree
  • 360-460 FPS - 70° degree
  • 425-490 FPS - 75° degree
  • Over 490 FPS - 80° degree

There are many different features and types of hop rubbers, with some designed to prevent double feeding, others with extra sealing ribs on the outside, then there is AEG and GBB types, way too many to list. All of the hop rubbers we stock are used in our own guns and by our resident tech when carrying out upgrades. We stock Maple Leaf, Madbull and Prometheus hop rubbers as standard and all are highly recommended.