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Which Airsoft Gas???

Which Airsoft Gas???

This is a question we get asked all the time - Which Gas Is Best???

In short there is no "one size fits all" answer to that question as there are so many factors involved in choosing and using a gas airsoft gun. These can be from as simple as what the ambient temperature of where you are using the gun is, to what your gun is made of, so lets hive you a quick run down of the gasses available and where/when you should think about using them.

144A/White Gas

Also known as "Maintenance Gas" it is the lowest powered gas available at the moment. Typically it is best suited to lightweight pistols with plastic slides such as Tokyo Marui pistols or those from the cheaper end of the spectrum.

It is also the best gas to use safely during the summer months when temperatures can be expected to be in the mid 20s upwards. Due to the increased temperature during summer months, all airsoft gasses will be under higher pressures and as such, using the traditional Green gas can put too much strain on seals and components and cause a breakdown at best, but can also push your gun too hot for your site's FPS limits.

When you are going to be storing your gas magazines in between game days it is always a good idea to fill them with Maintenance Gas, which will help prevent the seals from drying out, which in turn helps stop leaky mags.

Green Gas

The common or garden, all year round Green Gas is the most commonly used gas in the UK Airsoft scene. It is suitable for use in just about any decent quality Airsoft pistol and even in rifles. It is good to use for roughly 9 months of the year, with the exception of the winter months where temperatures outside can be expected to be below 10 degrees.

There are numerous brands of Green Gas on the market, but we have found the best one to be WE 2X which seems to outperform most of its competitors on our tests. It also says on the can that it is good down to 5 degrees centigrade.

Red Gas

A more powerful and higher pressure version of Green Gas, which is suited to heavier weight weapons and bolts such as Rifles or Very heavy pistols. As it is higher pressured it should NEVER be used on a Tokyo Marui pistol or any gun with a plastic slide.

It is also best used during those months of the year where Green Gas just won't cut it, through winter when it has got cold outside and temperatures have dropped below 10 degrees but are still above freezing.

Don't be tempted to use Red Gas in your airsoft gun during the summer month, you will probably blow the seals, damage internals and most of all it will most likely push your muzzle velocity over site FPS limits.

Black Gas

The most powerful of all the airsoft gasses, also known as sniper gas, it has the highest pressure and as such is only suited to specialized guns with all steel parts and for using during extreme cold temperatures.

Black Gas should be used with extreme care due to the higher pressures, it can seriously can major malfunctions and damage that may lead to injury to yourself or others.

Realistically, if the temperature drops below freezing, even black gas will not stop mag cool down or venting under these conditions.

So there we go, a quick guide to Airsoft Gasses, it doesn't cover all examples, but should help guide you in your choice ready for your next game day.