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Tango Down Armex Xplora II Multi Tool

Tango Down and Armex have come together with the fabulous Xplora II multi tool , the very same tool as issued to the Met Police's elite SO19 officers.

Laser Engraved with the Tango Down logo and can be personalised with your name or callsign/collar number (up to 12 letters), makes a great gift and an ideal addition to any skirmish day essential kit.

Cyclone M4 Speedloader
The next generation of speedloaders has arrived, no more fiddly plungers to worry about.

Range of colours and adaptors to fit other magazines (G36, MP5 etc...) also available.
  • Holds up to 1000 6mm BB's
  • Rapidly load a Midcap in under 5 seconds
  • Magazines Lock in to Place
  • Magazine catch to prevent magazines dropping
  • Winding Handle to rapidly Load BBs
  • Folding handle for storage
  • Moulded Grooves for Fingers 
  • Easy to use with Gloves
  • Fills 12 BBs per Revoution
  • Fits inside a double M4 Magazine Pouch
  • Over-fill system prevents overloading of a magazine
  • Designed to limit BBs lost due to spillage 
RA-Tech NPAS Kit for WE Open Bolt GBB

RA-TECH NPAS KIT for WE Open Bolt gas blowback rifles. 

The RA Tech NPAS (Negative Pressure Air System) enables the FPS of your rifle to be adjusted according to different site limits and changes in ambient temperature.  Take away uncertainties and enjoy your GBBR in much more locations/times of year.  

Kit fits all WE Open Bolt gas blowback rifles/SMG's that use a two part loading nozzle.

To better understand how the NPAS works - watch the video here.

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