E&C M203 Grenade Launcher with 3 Mounts
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  • E&C M203 Grenade Launcher with 3 Mounts

E&C M203 Grenade Launcher with 3 Mounts


E&C M203 Grenade Launcher with 3 Mounts

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E&C M203 Grenade Launcher with 3 Mounts

Full metal replica Colt M203 grenade launcher. Uses the gas or CO2 charged MOSCART 40mm Grenade shells that hold numerous BBs.

  • Full metal construction
  • Set comes with 3 mounts 
  • Short barrel version 
  • Takes 40mm MOSCART shells
  • colour: Black

The 3 mounts in the box are designed to make the launcher fit on different platforms. The first one, which is already preinstalled, is the barrel mounted version for the M4 series. It clips into the outer barrel at the rear and then hooks over the outer barrel on the front. The second mount is a 20mm RIS mount which will make the launcher fit onto any 20mm picatinny rail and the third mount is like the rear barrel mount, but is able to fit onto SRC and Tokyo Marui standard M4's where the delta ring is a different design. The Short version of the M203 is better equipped on standard length barrel M4's with an outer barrel length from 10.5" - 14.5". This is so the barrel from the grenade launcher doesn't extend further than the barrel of the rifle.

Loading the launcher is easy, just press the release lever on the side and slide the tube forward all the way, put the MOSCART grenade in the hole and pull the barrel all the way back until you hear it lock. 

MOSCART grenades not included.