Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144A 700ml
  • Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144A 700ml

Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144A 700ml


Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144A 700ml

Abbey Maintenance Gas is designed for the maintenance and storage of your gas airsoft gun's magazines. It's highly lubricated, low pressure and specifically designed to refresh and revive the internals of your gas magazines. Maintenance Gas comes in Abbey's small 270ml bottles, perfect for slipping into a tool box or kit bag.

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Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144A 700ml


Abbey Maintenance Gas is low pressure and filled with Abbey's suspended lubricant. The lubricant stays dissolved in the gas and constantly nourishes the o-rings and seals within the magazine, regardless of whether you store it upside-down or on its side. The gas prevents your magazines from drying out and developing a leak during storage.


If you are constantly using a dry gas like Abbey's Sniper Gas or raw propane you will need to occasionally self-lubricate the o-rings between uses. This can be a laborious process and your not always guaranteed to lubricate 100% of the seals and o-rings. Abbey's Maintenance Gas has the lubricant dissolved in the gas, anywhere the gas goes, so does the lubricant. This means its the perfect gas to re-lubricate and seal internal o-rings, valves and seals within gas magazines.


If your already suffering from a magazine that leaks, its a good chance its because the o-rings have dried and are no longer holding there seal properly. Maintenance Gas works its way to these o-rings and nourishes them with oil, causing them to re-seal. A quick and simple way of bringing your airsoft guns back to life.

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