Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze
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  • Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze
  • Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze
  • Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze
  • Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze
  • Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze
  • Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze

Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze


Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze

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Daniel Defense® MK18 SA-E19 EDGE 2.0 ™ - Chaos Bronze

The EDGE 2.0 ™ series introduces a completely new quality to the Specna Arms replica family, adding new functionalities and innovations to the structure already proven by players. As a result, Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 ™ rifles offer an exceptional high level of workmanship and technical advancement straight out of the box.

What distinguishes EDGE 2.0 ™ from the previous version?

  • GATE ASTER ™ system
  • Solar ™ Trigger 
  • Helium ™ Flat Hop rubber 
  • High Torque motor 
  • ESA2 ™ quick spring change system

The replica was produced in cooperation with the American brand EMG Arms . has the licensed markings of Daniel Defense® - a firearms manufacturer from the USA, which since 2002 has specialized in providing various variants of the AR15 and accessories, also on special orders from USSOCOM.

Each element of the replica was made and fitted with attention to every detail, in addition to the finish of the body, a Nano Coating coating was used to prevent scratches. On the body there is an individual serial number confirmed with an additional hologram and a double- sided tactical sling mounting eye.

The SA-E19 carbine replica is equipped with a front rail in the 22mm RIS mounting system. The barrel ends with a standard muzzle device mounted on a 14mm CCW thread. Folding sights are placed on the top of the replica.

The replica has a stock mounted precise tight bore inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm, which ensures high accuracy and repeatability of the shots fired. A new type of rotary Hop-Up chamber cooperates with the barrel , which allows for very precise and stable adjustment of the BB spin system.

The standard Helium ™ Flat Hop rubber will improve the stability of spinning the ball and make the shots even more accurate.

The replica features a quick spring change system, ESA2 ™ . It allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the power of the replica to the conditions expected on the field of play without the need to use any tools - just unscrew the stock guide to reveal access to the spring replacement without having to remove or disassemble the gearbox.

The advantages of the ESA2 ™ system can not be overestimated. The ESA2 ™ system allows you to replace the main spring with a minimum of time , and thus adjust the muzzle velocity of the replica to the area of ​​the game in such a way as to guarantee an ideal compromise between the effectiveness of fire and the safety of your own and other players. The replica box also includes a second M90 main spring , which is perfect for indoor games.

The ESA2 ™ system is covered by the European Patent No. 007422159-0001

The heart of the replica is the ORION gearbox based on a reinforced skeleton and equipped with the main spring release function. The replica straight out of the box has a number of high-quality parts, thanks to which it is characterized by a high work culture and is ready for further tuning. ORION Gearbox is ready to cooperate with M140 springs.

Inside there are such elements as:

  • reinforced polymer piston with full steel jaw 
  • light, polymer, double-sealed piston head with bearing 
  • aluminum, sealed nozzle
  • aluminum, double-sealed cylinder head
  • spring guide with bearings
  • set of steel gears 
  • 8mm ball bearings

The replica also uses a powerful, efficient High Torque motor equipped with strong neodymium magnets . The motor has a 22TPA (Turn Per Arm) winding and can easily handle springs stronger than those included in the set.

The ASTER ™ system is the little brother of the well-known TITAN ™ unit. This fourth generation of AEG control systems has been designed for the majority of electric replicas equipped with the V2 gearbox, also those subject to demanding tuning. ASTER ™ will allow you to achieve maximum reliability at an attractive price. This system is characterized by an extremely favorable price-performance ratio.

Thanks to the ASTER ™ system, you can improve the replica by replacing the contacts with an advanced controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, which offers up to 250 trigger sensitivity settings. Quick response to the trigger and many other useful functions will allow you to gain an advantage on the airsoft battlefield. A smart fuse protects the battery, motor and controller, even with reverse battery connection. This feature, together with the optical sensors, make ASTER ™ the most durable drop-in chip on the market today.

ASTER ™ gives you new possibilities:

  • protection against reverse polarity of the battery
  • innovative optical sensors
  • 250 trigger sensitivity settings 
  • configurable using the replica's trigger or the GATE Control Station app 
  • built-in RGB LED for easy system programming 
  • premium functionality at a fair price

The EDGE 2.0 ™ replica series has a dedicated Solar ™ Trigger that works perfectly with the sensors of the ASTER ™ system, offering unprecedented sensitivity and precision. The new Specna Arms trigger is licensed from the Gate Quantum Trigger ™.

Warning! Some ASTER ™ functions are available in the GCS (Gate Control Station) application which requires USB-Link (not included - sold separately).

Full system description: https://www.gatee.eu/pl/produkty/aster/ast2-pl

ASTER ™ user manual: https://www.gatee.eu/download/aster-v2-quickstart.pdf

The replica box includes two S-MAG mid-cap magazines with a capacity of 125 BBs each. The S-MAG is an exclusive polymer magazine designed by Specna Arms. The characteristic texture of Specna Arms logos draws attention. S-mag ensures trouble-free BB feeding, even at high ROF.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

  • DD SA-E19 MK18 mod1 EDGE 2.0 ™ 
  • 2 x S-MAG mid-cap magazine
  • user manual 
  • QC certificate 
  • EMG / Daniel Defense certificate of authenticity 
  • GATE ASTER ™ diagnostic card 
  • tactical grip