Pistol Magazine Easy Loader
  • Pistol Magazine Easy Loader

Pistol Magazine Easy Loader

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Pistol Magazine Easy Loader

  • Designed and 3D Printed by Tango Down Airsoft
  • Allows easier loading of Airsoft Pistol Mags
  • Holds BB follower securely reducing risk of breaking
Variant: G-Series
Avavilable In-Store and Online

Pistol Magazine Easy Loader

One of the most annoying things about loading pistol mags is having to try and hold the BB follower back with your nail, then it slips and shoots up under the spring pressure and smashes the feed lip on your magazine.

With our custom 3D Printed Pistol Magazine Easy Loaders you can securely and safely hold the BB follower back without the risk and load your mags so much quicker and easier.

Available to fit G-Series (Glock style also fits AAP-01) & MK23 SOCOM mags, with more to come in the next few week.


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